• Backflow Prevention

  • When you own a home, you obviously want to protect your property from the countless different situations in which it may be damaged, even by the very systems that you use to make your home a habitable living space. When it comes to your plumbing system, one of the most important situations to avoid is that of backflow. With the use of a backflow preventer in Mt. Sterling, KY, you can protect your property from the issues that backflow can lead to.

    Of course, you cannot hope to install and service your backflow prevention device(s) on your own. This is the type of service that only a professional plumber can handle. If you are serious about protecting your property and your water supply from the problems posed by backflow issues, then you should call our number. Will Keath Plumbing will help you to better understand the threats of backflow, and what measure you may need to take.

  • Backflow Takes Many Forms

    The major concern of many homeowners when it comes to backflow is that of sewage backing up into their homes. The good news is that, for most homeowners, this really is not much of a concern. Most homes are connected to municipal sewers, and are integrated into them in such a way as to prevent a sewage backup automatically, even in the event of a blockage or severe rain.

    Certain situations, though, such as properties with plumbing fixtures on the lowest floor below a sewer manhole, may be at risk. Furthermore, many systems, such as irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems, and others may necessitate the use of backflow prevention devices.

    For the most part, you may not even be aware of the backflow preventers on your property. Many are designated as "non–testable," and are simply a flap in a pipe. Others, though, will have to be tested and serviced by professional plumbers, such as testable double check valve assemblies in fire suppression systems.

  • We Install and Service Backflow Preventers

    If you need a backflow preventer installed because your new heating system, sprinkler system, or irrigation system requires such a device, let a member of our staff know. We’ll make sure that you have the right type of backflow preventer in place. You don’t want any unnecessary components integrated into your plumbing system, but you also need to know that you are protected.

    If you have non–testable backflow preventers in your property, they are going to have to be replaced on a regular basis. Many require replacement every 2 years. When that time comes, you can count on our plumbers to replace your backflow prevention devices in Mt. Sterling, KY properly.

    Should you have a testable backflow preventer on your property, it is necessary that you schedule backflow testing as required for that particular piece of equipment. The failure of a backflow preventer can put the quality of your potable water at risk, and can cause issues with water distribution throughout your home. We’ll make sure that everything is working properly, and we can handle any backflow prevention repairs that you may need, too.