• Frozen Pipe Repair in Mt. Sterling

  • Plumbing problems are no fun for anyone … but when you mix freezing weather with frozen pipes, it can be disastrous and lead to unwanted situations like a burst pipe. Frozen plumbing systems can happen because of various reasons including weather, not enough insulation and more. This can be a complex and difficult thing to fix.

  • Frozen Pipe Emergency Help

    Frozen pipes are often just a few, short hours — or even minutes — from bursting. Burst pipes can causes thousands of gallons of water to leak throughout your house — destructive and costly. That’s why our expert Benjamin Franklin plumbers are always ready to come to the rescue. We’ll act quickly to diagnose the problem and thaw your pipes before they burst, preventing thousands of dollars in water damage!

  • Burst Pipe Emergency Help

    When frozen pipes burst, the damage can leave your house uninhabitable for weeks at a time, while costing you tens of thousands in repair costs. Don’t trust anyone but an expert plumber in an emergency like this. Work with Will Keath Plumbing to limit the damage and ensure you can be back at home ASAP.