• Garbage Disposal Tips

    June 22, 2017
  • Here at Will Keath Plumbing, we like to offer Garbage Disposal Tips and try to answer the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the plumbing products you will be using in your house.  We know that saving money and having products that last the maximum amount of time with the least amount of maintenance is important to you!  Here are some garbage disposal tips and the different types that are offered so you can make the best choice for your household.

    Garbage disposal tips and the different types

    (a) Continuous feed garbage disposal has wall switch or air switch somewhere that turns unit on.

    (b) Batch feed garbage disposal is operated by a stopper on the drain that when twisted turns on the unit. Batch feed garbage disposals are usually 50% more expensive and have a lot more maintenance problems down the line.

    Garbage disposal tips:

    (1) For most households 1/2 hp is large enough, 1/3 should never be used!

    (2) Most important of all, always run cold water when using disposal.

    (3) Clogged drains- Chemicals that are poured into the garbage disposal and drains, harm your garbage disposal and drains because they sit on the bottom of the pipe and usually make the problem worse. Clean your drains with cable and then maintain them with enzyme products that feed off grease and are environmentally safe.