• Leaking Water Lines & Faucets

  • In terms of plumbing problems, the leaking pipe is probably the most common. Don’t let its commonness trick you into thinking that a leaking pipe can ever be considered a “minor” problem, though. Even very small leaks can cause serious damage to your home and property over time, often without any signs or symptoms until some amount of damage is done.

    If you have any reason at all to suspect that you have a water leak in your home, you absolutely must schedule professional water leak detection services in Mt. Sterling, KY. Will Keath Plumbing is the company that you can trust with the job. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve got the background knowledge, training, and tools that we need to pinpoint the source of any water leaks, and to resolve the problem completely.

  • Signs That You Have a Water Leak

    The first step in preventing serious damages from water leaks in your home is, of course, to recognize the fact that there is a water leak to begin with. Doing so may be trickier than you realize, as some water leaks are going to develop in remote points of your plumbing system. There are nonetheless many different warning signs to watch out for.

    • Mold and mildew, either the odor or the physical signs including dark or grey spots. Even a slight odor should be investigated as mold remediation is expensive and the costs can run into thousands of dollars.
    • Paint or wallpaper that appears damaged or to be separating from the wall. Water disintegrates the adhesive properties of paint and wallpaper causing paint to fall off in pieces or patches of wallpaper to come loose.
    • Walls that are warped or stained for no obvious cause is a good indication there is a leak. Drywall softens and starts to bubble, warp or break apart when it is affected by moisture.
    • Flooring that is buckling, cracking or starting to stain for no apparent reason, it is likely there is an unseen water leak present. If caught early, single floor tiles are much less expensive to replace than the whole floor.
    • Stains on ceilings: Any brown, copper or dark stains on the ceiling are a sign of a leak. A sagging ceiling is a sign that water from a leak is reaching the area. If you have a bathroom on a second floor, check the ceiling in the room directly beneath the bathroom for stains.
    • Ceiling stains that are brown, copper or dark are also indications of a leak. If the ceiling is sagging, check the living space directly above for a leak.
    • Smell: Old, accumulated water from a leaky pipe tends to smell. If, after thoroughly cleaning your restroom, you still notice a musty or earthy smell, it’s likely that you have hidden leaks. Because the water is hidden, it never has a chance to dry.
    • Odor is also a sign of a leak. Either a mildew, musty or earthy smell may indicate that a leak is present.
  • Schedule Prompt Water Leak Detection with Us

    The worst thing that you can do in the event of a water leak is to delay in scheduling the vital water leak detection services. Undiagnosed water leaks waste water, drive up bills, and put your property at risk of water damage, mold growth, or biological pollutant proliferation. When you have cause to suspect a water leak, pick up the phone and schedule service with the water leak detection professionals on our staff at Will Keath Plumbing. Trust to us for plumbing service in Mt. Sterling, KY and the surrounding areas.